Mini MBA

Course Overview:

 Our Mini MBA blends academic knowledge and practical insights into a broader understanding of the business world. It recognises that people have enormous experience and knowledge of their own organisation, and that this can become powerful when combined with new ideas and insights into the major levers of business performance.

Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to learn basic concepts and management techniques but does not have the time to acquire an MBA Anyone with a predominantly technical background who requires management and business skills to further their career Anyone new to management business needing basic broad-based business skills Anyone seeking a more influential role in the decision making process Anyone needing an overall understanding of how to succeed in business


OSME certificate will be issued to all participants on completion of this course. In addition, you will receive a certificate confirming the number of CPD hours achieved for this course.

Entry requirement:

  • Fluency in English

  • A good undergraduate degree or significant work experience in a relevant role

  • Minimum two years professional experience, typically our participants have more than ten years’ work experience.

Duration of course

The qualification is designed to be delivered over eight weeks for full-time study, but it is also flexible in its delivery in order to accommodate part-time and distance learning.

The qualification is delivered face-to-face, through lectures, tutorials, seminars, distance and online.

Learning outcome:

Capture many key learning points of a post graduate business course with a fraction of the time and cost

Broaden your horizon and gain a well-rounded business acumen

Gain exposure to best practices and benchmarks beyond your industry

Discard outdated approaches and learn up-to-the-minute strategies

Sharpen your ability to make decisions in a complex business environment

Go from ideas to action with practical exercises and group project

Take away effective tools and processes for immediate impact on the job

Gain access to advice from an outstanding faculty team even after the programme

Connect with an exceptional peer group from diverse industries

Achieve a better understanding of your people, your products, and your business – giving you an unparalleled view of where your organisation stands, its strengths and future growth opportunities.

Course structure:

  • Theory and Practical Aspect of Business

  • Economics and business

  • Administration & Management of Employees in Business

  • Theories on Leadership

  • Contingency Theory of Leadership

  • Explanation of the Finances of a Business Part 1

  • Understanding of Accounting of a Business

  • Sales Administration

Study Module:                              Full/Part Time

Course Length:              8 months/12 months

Course fees:                                 UK/EU £2,200
                                               International £4,500

Terms Start Date:                  Jan/Apr/Jul/Sep

Age group:                                               18 year +

Application route:

Accredited:                                         CPD


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