English Languages Courses

We believe in utilizing robust technology as the core element of our educational methodology. Our courses are delivered online with research-based tutorials. Our face-to-face online classes enable students from across the globe to take advantage of our career-oriented courses at their convenience.


General English Course


This is the ideal compromise between learning the language and extra-curricular activities.

General English Classes of average 7 and maximum 10 students which aim to develop knowledge of grammar and vocabulary while practicing all the language skills: listening and speaking, reading and writing.

We offer morning and afternoon English standard courses with minimum booking period of 1 week for all levels.

Available: (Monday - Saturday)

Morning: 0930 - 1230                    Afternoon: 1230 - 1530                 Evening: 1530 - 1830


Business English BELP


This programme is targeted for busy career minded people or business studies students. We are different form Language schools because our teachers speak the language of the business world and colleagues in class will like-minded, ambitious and focussed, it’s also a great way to network too! We only use highly experienced and qualified native English language teachers with a minimum of ten years teaching experience and time in industry. Our teachers have worked for major companies such as Gas de France, HSBC Bank and Prada so they not only know the language of the working world but can give examples. The language taught with expert tuition covers; grammar, speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and writing as well as:


  • Conversation skills for business

  • Discussing financial information

  • English for presentations

  • English for meetings

  • English for emails

  • English for telephone calls


*This is a sample, subject to change. Our classes are in levels based upon assessment - elementary, intermediate and advanced

Available: (2,3,4 Weeks)

Teaching English

Intensive English Course


One to one English language training is the fastest and most intensive way to learn a language or to improve your language skills.

This personal course is the best way to make intensive progress under expert guidance of your teacher in specific areas such as good pronunciation, lots of speaking practice and listening activities, vocabulary development and correct use of grammar.

One to one general English courses are good for you if you prefer to focus on particular language weaknesses or areas of study, have limited time to achieve your targets and you are happy to be one-to-one with your teacher.


  • One to one environment helps to build confidence and self-esteem

  • Flexible timetable and course content

  • Have constant attention from the tutor

  • More focus on particular language weaknesses or specialised areas of study than you might do in a class

  • Improve your level significantly in a short time


Exam Preparation Course


Exam preparation courses aim at those students who want to obtain an international recognised qualification that proves you have the necessary standard level of English required by employers and for entry to an English speaking university.

At the Oxford College of Management and English, we ensure that you attain or surpass the level of English skills you necessitate to sit your chosen exam, by always focusing on the individual. Lessons include not only the essential of the language, grammar and vocabulary, but also work on past exam papers techniques,  intensive practice in all the areas of the test and towards exam related tasks (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Extensive language structures and vocabulary guarantees that you develop greater fluency and accuracy in the use of the language.

Our exam courses include:

  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System

  • FCE – First Certificate in English

  • CAE – Cambridge Advanced English

  • CPE – Cambridge Proficiency English

Adult Education Course

Part Time/Evening English Courses


At the Oxford College of Management and English we provide part-time English courses for all levels of English skills, ideal for those learners too busy to attend full-time study.

These courses run 2 days a week, 4hours per week from 18:30 to 20:30 and include listening and speaking, reading and writing and develop knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, function and pronunciation.


  • 2 Days per Week

  • 4 hours/week

EU and British Flag

Life in the UK Test - Preparation for Citizenship


Our courses will prepare you to:

  • Prepare for the Government’s ‘Life in the UK’ test

  • Acquire the language skills needed

  • Awareness and understanding of British culture.




  • After completion of the OSME program, students will be awarded SELT test certificate

  • Prospective students will be assessed before embarking on the program

  • Prospective students must present a proof of residency in the UK before embarking on the program.

  • Cost of the program and other associated fees will be discussed after assessment test.